Other Ministries

Kettering Baptist Church has a wide and diverse range of ministries to meet the needs of a growing and active church fellowship. Below is a brief description of each ministry and its’ function:

Anniversary –  Focuses on planning events for the celebration of the anniversaries of our senior pastor and the Church
Audio & Visual – Visual Responsible for sound, recording and editing of all worship services for distribution to individuals and to radio stations
Baptismal – Prepares baptismal candidates for baptism before and during the event
Church Clerk –  Maintains accurate records of membership, meetings, and the signing of certified documents
Church Coordinator – Provides the wedding party needs from the church’s perspective
Education –  Structures discipleship training classes for all interested members and non-members
Employment-Provide training and assistance to enhance employment skills
Financial Secretary –  Responsible for the recording of church financial information
Gifted Hands –  Enhances the beauty of the church building and assists with decorations for special events
Greeters- Welcome both members and visitors to the body of Christ
Grief Support- Offers prayer, support and comfort to those who have lost love ones
Health and Wellness- To Promote the Spiritual, Physical, and Mental Health of Kettering Baptist Church and the community
Kitchen/Fellowship –  Preparation of food for fellowships and repasts
Marriage Ministry-Seeks to bring all married couples to the point where they purposely and intentionally live out the ministry of marriage as taught in God’s word
Music –  Facilitates the glorification of God through instrument and song for the body of Christ
New Members –  Embraces and coordinates a fluid transition into membership
Newsletter –  Reports current and future events of Kettering through the monthly newsletter, the Kettering Herald
Praise Dance –  Worship of God through the expression of dance
Prayer Ministry –  Prays for a variety of needs both understood and requested
Scholarship –  Involved in the encouragement and preparation of students in the pursuit of academics success
Seniors –Assist our senior population in growing spiritually
Teller –  Counts and records weekly collections
Transportation –  Provides transportation to our 10:15am Sunday services
Trustee –  Accountable for facility upkeep and assets
Usher –  Serves as greeters and for the organized movement of people during worship
Wonderfully Made-Teaches God’s love to children/youth with special needs.


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