Broadcasted Sermons




Don’t You Dare Quit part 3

   Pastor Bucas Sterling, III to be aired May 3, 2015


Don’t You Dare Quit part 2

   Pastor Bucas Sterling, III to be aired April26, 2015


Don’t You Dare Quit part 1

   Pastor Bucas Sterling, III aired April 19, 2015


Resurrecting You

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired April 5, 2015



The Strange Face of Rejection

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired March 29, 2015



There is Nothing Too Hard for God

  Pastor BucasSterling, III aired March 22, 2015



Communicating Thanks

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired March 15, 2015



It is Holy

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired March 8, 2015



Our Theme for 2015: Building an Eternal Legacy

  (a 5-sermon series)

  Part 5: The Call to a Holy Legacy

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired March 1, 2015

  Part 4: The Effects of Family Legacy

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired February 22, 2015

  Part 3: Legacy Potential After Failure

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired February 15, 2015

  Part 2: The Choices of Eternal Legacy Building

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired February 8, 2015

  Part 1: Defined to Build the Legacy

   Pastor BucasSterling,III aired February 1, 2015


Night is Coming

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired January 25, 2015


Oh, That Men Would GiveThanks (a 5-sermon series)

  Part 5: Understanding the Loving Kindness of the Lord

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired January 18, 2015

  Part 4: Stormy Sea Sacrifices

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired January 11, 2015

  Part 3: Give Thanks for the Lord’s Favor on Fools

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired January 4, 2015

  Part 2: The Lord Satisfies the Longing Soul

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired December 28, 2014

  Part 1: Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So

   Pastor BucasSterling,III aired December 14, 2014


What Do You Call Him

   PastorBucas Sterling, III to be aired December 21, 2014


God’s Divine Appointment for You

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired December 7, 2014


Go Therefore(a 3-sermonseries)

  Part 3: The Power for the Great Commission

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired November 30, 2014

  Part 2: The Plan for the Great Commission

   PastorBucas Sterling, III aired November 23, 2014

  Part 1: The Plot Against the Great Commission

   Pastor BucasSterling,III aired November 16, 2014



The Following MessagesAnd Series Are No Longer Available Online:

  Less of YouandMoreof Him(aired July 27, 2014)

  TurningtheRightWay (aired July 20, 2014)

  Recipe for Failure (aired July 13, 2014)

  One Lord,OneFaith,One Baptism (airedJuly 6, 2014)

  His Hand iswithYou (aired June 29, 2014)

  Fear Not, IAmwithYou (aired June 22, 2014)

  DiminishedFocusbutDedicated Fathering (aired June 15, 2014)

  The LifecycleofAMother (aired on May 11, 2014)

  Night Is Coming (aired on May 4, 2014)

  DoesAnyoneKnowWhere Jesus Is:

    Part B (aired on April 27, 2014)

    Part A (aired on April 20, 2014)


Our Theme for 2014 (no longer available online)

Choose a Mountain (a 5-sermon series; last aired 2/9/14 - 3/16/14)

  Part 5: Grace to Return to the Lord

  Part 4: Time to Choose

  Part 3b: Pronouncing the Blessings of Gerizim (part b)

  Part 3a: Pronouncing the Blessings of Gerizim (part a)

  Part 2: Crying Out the Curses of Mount Ebal

  Part 1: Choose a Mountain


Sharing The Gospel(a 4-sermon series; last aired 3/23/14-4/13/14;no longer available online)

  Part 4: Our Response

  Part 3: God's Solution

  Part 2: Our Dilemma

  Part 1: God's Love


Grace (a 5-sermon series: last aired 8/3/14-9/7/14;nolonger available online)

  Part 5: Grace and the Gospel

  Part 4: Grace to Forgive

  Part 3b: Grace to Give (part b)

  Part 3a: Grace to Give (part a)

  Part 2: The Cycle of Sufficient Grace

  Part 1: License to Sin


God First (a 5-sermon series: last aired 9/14/14-10/12/14)

  Part 5: Calling Fathers to Return and Put God First

  Part 4: There is Victory with God Being First

  Part 3: Learning Respect for God First

  Part 2: Prioritizing for a Single Mother

  Part 1: Seek Him First